This is an application designed by Gratitude India (R) to reduce the pain-points of candidates(jobs-seekers) and recruiter across the world.

For Candidates: Being in the business of recruitments since a decade, we noticed that candidates were manipulated by many unethical consultancies and middlemen who used to give fake assurance that they shall bag a dream job of their choice. We also noticed that candidate had to travel/ wait for long hour just to give an interview which many-a- time did not turn out to be fruitful. This resulted in loss of money and precious time for the candidates. Now by using this app, a candidate can track nearby recruiters and connect with them immediately and request them to take an interview at, say, "abc" is a multinational company and it has 500 recruiters. A candidate "mr x" is interested to join this company as a finance manager. Till now he had the option of applying in that company through their website or through job portals. However, with this app he can know that recruiter number 198 is handling the finance manager position in that abc company and he can connect with him directly. Thus, we aim to change the lives of millions of candidate through this app.

For recruiters/companies: Till now recruiters/companies had to spend a lot of money by paying consultants and jobs portals which many-a- time was not cost-effective. Also a lot of consultancies used to make fake resumes of candidate and dupe the companies/recruiters,which resulted into severe damages for these companies. Through this app, a recruiter can directly connect with the candidate and save time and money on recruitment.

If you have any feedback/suggestions/complaints about this app, write to us at: feedback@gratitudeindia.com

If you face any issues with the usage of this app, write to us at: bugs@gratitudeindia.com

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