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Corruption in Recruitment

Author:Akhil, Posted on:2020-05-28 06:45:55



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Well folks,

Wether you may like it or not, corruption in Recruitment is a reality. According to the analysis of Gratitude India-a premier Recruitment firm corruption in Recruitment is widespread and this affects the careers of Applicants. Obviously not all Recruiters are corrupt but we need to beware of corruption. Here are some of the ways corruption is done by the hiring Managers across the Industry

1] Nexus between Recruitment firms and Hiring managers. Here some recruitment firms promise to give cash amount of 80% of any walkin hires that the company gets onboard. This is how it works "Lets say Candidate ABC walks in to company XYZ as a direct walkin and gets hired. The corrupt hiring manager will take advantage of the Blank Space kept in Referral column and will add the name of that Recruitment firm as the endorser and collect 80% of the amount of the referral fees in cash from that Recruitment firm. Recruitment firm here gets 20% of the amount for Free and its a direct unethical income for that Recruitment firm. To avoid this make sure you never keep the referral column as blank and always put in a source so that the scope of manipulation is reduced. If you are a walkin you can write Walkin as the source as well

2] Consultancies charging money from the Candidate. Dear candidates, no matter how desperate you would be to land a job but don't get enticed by consultancies who promise you jobs for money. In the name of Registration fees they swindle lacks of money from Candidates and they stop co-operating with you after they you pay them the fees. Always check the credibility of that Recruitment firm and the years of existence before applying to any Recruitment firm. Lets put an end to this loot by refusing to pay money to these consultancies

3] Consultancies making Fake documents to get the Candidate bag his dream job. Well many small time Recruitment firms use this ploy to get the Candidate join the company by making fake documents for him. These fake documents are usually degree documents or some company's documents like offer letter, relieving letter etc. Some gullible Candidates fall to the pray thinking that its the best way to get into the company of their choice. However, 95% of the times these Candidates are caught and terminated. The Recruitment firm who made fake documents for them put the entire buck on the Candidates and they have to face the embarrassment of termination in front of their fellow collegaues. Always go through a reputable consultancy and ensure you do not risk your career by making fake documents.

4] Fake job Promotions for Top MNC's online: Well, everyone dreams to be a part of MNC's and bogus sites claiming they are doing online recruitment for these firms may ask you to fill a form and at the end of the form may ask you to pay Registration fees. Always Remember, no company will collect money from the Candidates for applying to their jobs

5] Fraudulent overseas Recruitment firms: These firms promise jobs overseas and in the name of processing documents and visa formalities collect huge amounts from Candidates who get lured for the prospects of overseas jobs. Never fall pray to their tactics and ensure you appoint a lawyer before you set out for your dream in overseas market.

Well these are only some of the ways, you may get tricked by corruption in Recruitment. If you have been a part of this corruption or know of your friends who have been a part of corruption do share your experiences in the comment column.



51 follower(s)

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