Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why cant I See all the Recruiters/ Candidates?
    -> You can only See Recruiters/ Candidates who match your Function. for eg, if you are a Candidate with your Function as Purchase/SCM, then you can only see Recruiters from the Purchase/SCM function.

  2. How Can I see other Recruiters/ Candidates ?
    -> To see a Different set of Recruiters/ Candidates you will have to change your function and Role from Manage Profile Section under the Settings Tab. Alternatively you can also use our Search function to view Recruiters/ Candidates from other Functions

  3. I want to hire an Employee for Cost Accountant. Should I register as a Recruiter in HR- Recruitment Domain?
    -> No, if you want to hire in Accounting Function you have to Register as a Recruiter in Accounting Function and select the Role of a Cost Accountant. This will enable you to see Candidates who match your function and role.

  4. How Do I Follow a Recruiter/ Candidate and what are the Benefits ?
    -> You can follow a Recruiter or a Candidate by clicking on the Follow Tab which is below the detailed profile of the user. If you follow a Recruiter/ Candidate you will get Push Notifications if the user changes his Industry/ Function/ Role OR if the user comes within 1 KM of your area

  5. Can I block a Recruiter/ Candidate?
    -> Yes, you can block a Recruiter/ Candidate by using the Block Button on the Detailed Profile of the user. The Blocked user will no longer be able to see you or connect with you. You can also unblock the user later.

  6. Why distance is not shown?
    ->In time of registration, you should allow to track/capture your location. If the location capture is not allowed, then the application would not be able to show the accurate distance.

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